George W. Bush heads to Leno's stage next week

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Former President George W. Bush is headed to "The Tonight Show" next week to talk about his post-White House years with Jay Leno, NBC said Tuesday.

The 43rd president has kept a mostly low profile since exiting office in early 2009 while the country was in two wars and struggling with an economic crisis. But he made headlines in July by urging Congress to reach a "positive resolution" on immigration reform, an issue that eluded him during his presidency, and he also appeared in Africa with President Barack Obama at a ceremony to remember victims of terrorism.

Bush, a 67-year-old grandfather, is scheduled to appear on Leno's couch Nov. 19. It will be the fourth time that Bush has been a guest on Leno's show since his first appearance during the 2000 campaign season.

Bush left the White House with abysmal approval ratings, but polling has suggested some Americans are gradually softening their views of him. His presidential library was dedicated in Texas this year, where former President Bill Clinton joked with Bush about his newfound hobby of painting.

He told ABC earlier this year he wants to "stay out of the limelight."

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