Abroad, American Hustle is Scam, Sting or Dream

JERUSALEM (AP) — Titles of Hollywood hit movies don't always translate well due to cultural differences or nuances in language. That's why film titles are often changed when movies are shown abroad. Here's a sampling of well-known films with titles that are substantially different in other countries.

—AMERICAN HUSTLE In Israel, "American Dream." In France, "American Bluff." In Argentina, "American Scandal." In Portugal, "American Sting." In Quebec, "American Scam." In Spain, "Great American Scam." In Turkey, "Trickster."

-CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS In Israel, "It's Raining Falafel." In Turkey, "Raining Kofte." —SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK In Israel, "Optimism is the Name of the Game." In France, "Happiness Therapy."

—ANNIE HALL In Germany, "The Urban Neurotic." —ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND In Italy, "If You Leave Me, I Delete You." —ERIN BROCKOVICH In Turkey, "Sweet Trouble." —UP IN THE AIR In Japan, "Mileage, My Life."

—THE FULL MONTY In China, "Six Naked Pigs." —DUKES OF HAZZARD In France, "Sheriff, Make Me Afraid." —THE HANGOVER In France, "Very Bad Trip." —NO STRINGS ATTACHED In France, "Sexy Friends."

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