Reactions to nominations for 86th Academy Awards

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Reactions to nominations announced Thursday for the 86th annual Academy Awards:

"Yesterday I was doing jury duty, today I woke up with an Academy Award nomination. Only in America." — Jared Leto on his nomination for best supporting actor for "Dallas Buyers Club."

"I actually had the TV on from the night before and — BAM! — there it was and it was awesome." — Best actor nominee Leonardo DiCaprio.

"My knees buckled. It's the last thing I expected" — Sally Hawkins, nominated for best supporting actress for her role in "Blue Jasmine."

"I'm at home in Malibu, having a cup of tea, catching the sunrise. My newborn's walking around. ... What a great alarm clock and news to wake up to this morning." — Matthew McConaughey, who received a best actor nomination for his performance in "Dallas Buyers Club" and spent the morning with his family, including his 1-year-old son.

"At no point during filming, in the sweltering heat of New Orleans, did any of us ever foresee the journey this film would take us all on. Steve McQueen created an entire family to tell one man's tale and I am delighted that so many of this family have also been recognized today." — Chiwetel Ejiofor, nominated for best actor for his role in "12 Years a Slave."

"I'm happy to get recognition from people in this business and to represent Palestine. It's not a country yet, it's not a state, it's a nation fighting for equality and freedom and justice and to represent that is an honor." — Director Hany Abu-Assad, whose film "Omar" was nominated for best foreign language film.

"Congratulations to the cast and crew of "American Hustle" and "Her," two films that I'm incredibly proud to be a part of." — Best actress nominee Amy Adams, who was nominated for her role in "American Hustle."

"The life experience I garnered on this journey is something for which I will forever be grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Academy for including all of us amongst nominees that have left us in awe with their work this year." — Best actress nominee Sandra Bullock for her role in "Gravity."

"I guess ... I'm going to get that ice cream sundae they give you on the airplane. I usually pass on that, but I think I'm actually going to get extra whipped cream and maybe even the chocolate syrup. I'm really winging it here. I'm going to be flying. It's really a little too early to start drinking." — Terence Winter, nominated for his screenplay for "The Wolf of Wall Street."

"I was flailing around the keyboard a little bit." — Best original score nominee Steven Price, who was unsuccessfully searching for a list of nominees online when his wife called to tell him his work on "Gravity" had been recognized.

"We jumped up in the air and did a little dance. We were very excited and really it's very difficult to give words to express the elation and joy that we feel that this film has touched people's heart but really the desire for the nomination doesn't even compare with the power and the fuel this nomination carries with it." — Jehane Noujaim, who directed "The Square," which received a nomination for best documentary film.

"You know what's really nice is all the congratulations you receive from people from different parts of your life. Everybody seems to pay attention to this. I awoke to texts and emails from Europe and Asia and the U.S. and high school friends and professional friends. It's kind of like what you'd want to happen the day before you die." — Best director nominee Alexander Payne, whose film "Nebraska" received six nominations.

"My son was staying with me, and we got up to watch it, just before they announced supporting actress, he came up and put his arm around me. I think it was like, 'Either way, mom, I still love you.' But then it was funny because I saw it. I saw my picture, and I heard them announce it, but I had to ask him, 'Did I really see that?' I wasn't sure I was seeing it, but he assured me that yes, I was nominated for the Academy Award. We just sort of cried a little bit." — June Squibb, nominated for best supporting actress for her role in "Nebraska."

Associated Press Entertainment Writers Anthony McCartney and Derrik J. Lang in Los Angeles, Writer Jill Lawless in London and reporter Lauri Neff in New York contributed to this report.

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