Andy Warhol on exhibit at The Dali Museum in US

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida (AP) — Andy Warhol was an early adopter of selfies, if a new exhibit showcasing his work is any indication.

The iconic pop artist's work on display at The Dali Museum in Florida it includes paintings, drawings and self-portraits, taken with the Instagram of the 1970s, Polaroid. There's Warhol posing with a skull, Warhol looking moody in black and white and Warhol wedged between John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Warhol's vision of pop culture and fame fits right in with America's current love of the Kardashians and The exhibit of more than 100 works and some films opens to the public Saturday and runs through April 27. The works are on loan from the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, where Warhol was born.

It's a first for The Dali, which is an entire museum devoted to the Spanish surrealist master Salvador Dali's work. Museum executive director Hank said Dali and Warhol had much in common. The exhibit contains two photos of the artists together.

Dali was a generation older than Warhol, who was born in 1928, but both captivated the public with their attention-getting and sometimes controversial works of art. Warhol often visited Dali when Dali stayed in a suite at the St. Regis Hotel in New York. Warhol also made one of his famous "screen tests" of Dali, and like the others filmed, Warhol told Dali not to move during the three-minute filming.

Dali ignored Warhol's instruction to sit still and left the frame. The exhibit has a replica of his screen test set where visitors can sit in front of a camera and then send their "tests" to Twitter and Facebook.

Warhol would have approved.

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