Bottega Veneta looks providing unbending elegance

MILAN (AP) — Bottega Veneta's looks for next winter burst and ripple with kinetic energy.

Creative director Tomas Maier infuses the looks with motion both through the tailoring, including micro folds and loose pleats, as well as geometric, graphic and digital patterns. Movement is created in tiny pleats in dusty pastels and or black-and-tan patterns that ripple soothingly along pretty cocktail or party dresses, while bolder geometric patterns in black and white give bold definition to a straight skirt worn with a purple sweater. One dress style appears to burst outward from the hip, creating concentric folds that reach out and hug the figure. It comes in a quilted version, as well as tulle and crepe.

The flattering and forgiving silhouette features a fitted bodice the falls into loose folds and large pleats, at times with contrasting colors tucked inside that reveal themselves in motion: black on beige or burned red on winter white. Hemlines fall below the knee. There are no trousers.

There's soft, buttery luxury in the elegant lambskin shearling coats, as pretty and wearable as a dress, taking definition from a skinny belt. Colors are pale, light gray, beige pink and sand, offset by subdued red, acid green, emerald and purple.

The looks are finished in black suede booties that are cut into a spiky silhouette suggestive of flames and which mimic bold patterning in some of the apparel. Bottega Veneta started off as a leather goods company before expanding into fashion, and its must-have bag for next season has a top handle, with patchworks of color and combinations of materials.

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