Congolese accuse jailed Norwegian of murder

KINSHASA, Congo (AP) — The auditor for the Congolese military says Joshua French, a Norwegian detained in Kinshasa since 2009, is going to face a second murder charge for allegedly killing fellow Norwegian Tjostolv Moland.

Gen. Maj. Munkuto Kiyana Tim told The Associated Press they have new evidence indicating that Moland was killed by French. Both men have been imprisoned on charges that they killed their Congolese driver.

The new accusation contradicts an autopsy conducted by Congolese and Norwegian doctors in August, which concluded that Moland had hung himself. French's lawyer, Hans Marius Graasvold, told Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet the charges have no substance, including accusations that French drugged and suffocated his cellmate. He questioned how Congolese police could have found substances in Moland's blood when Norwegian police, who also helped investigate Moland's death, didn't.

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