Breakaway Turkish Cypriots vote for leader in runoff

Breakaway Turkish Cypriots are voting Sunday for a leader in a runoff that pits moderate Mustafa Akinci against hard-line incumbent Dervis Eroglu. 

Vladimir Putin


Putin accuses US of supporting separatists in Russia

In a new documentary, Russian President Vladimir Putin says intercepted calls showed that the U.S. helped separatists in Russia's North Caucasus in ... 


Thousands honor soldiers on 100th year of Gallipoli ...

For the first time at age 95, Bill Grayden has come to Gallipoli, where his father stormed the beach and took a bullet through his lung during the ... 


Activists: Syrian air raids kill 34 in northwestern town

Two activist groups say Syrian government airstrikes on a small town near the Turkish border have killed at least 34 people. The Britain-based Syrian ... 


Ceremonies mark liberation of 2 Nazi camps 70 years ago

Officials in Germany are solemnly commemorating the liberation of two Nazi concentration camps 70 years ago in the closing days of World War II. 


German, French rescue teams on way to Nepal

A German rescue organization and the French government said on Sunday they are sending rescue and relief teams to Nepal, where a massive ... 


UK premier defends royals' right to choose birth ...

With Britain's general election fast approaching, almost anything can become political — even Prince William and his wife Kate's choice of private ... 

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