SOCHI SCENE: Music to her ears

SOCHI, Russia (AP) — As Jamie Anderson was hopping around elated at the base of the women's slopestyle course, having just completed Team USA's double gold in slopestyle, you have to think the folks back home in Cupertino, Calif., were thrilled to see those two little white earbuds hanging out of her jacket.

Maybe winning gold while rocking out is to be expected in a sport the Winter Games adopted from the X Games. And sure, there's always been a wonderful connection between music and winter sports. What's a gold-medal winning figure skate if not the perfect combination of dynamic athleticism and the perfect soundtrack?

Still, it's fun to think about where those earbuds might make another appearance here in Sochi. Canada's Jonathan Toews sliding into a faceoff with an iPhone strapped to his arm? Visible under the skin-tight suit of Dutch hero Sven Kramer as he glides for 10,000 meters around the rink at the Adler Arena Skating Center? Four heads bobbing up and down in unison to the sounds of the beat as a four-man bobsled team slides down the track at Sanki?

No, my guess would be over at the Ice Cube for a little curling. And if we're gonna go with clichés, then they'll all be listening to polka. And for those folks back in Cupertino? It's all music to their ears.

— By David Scott — Twitter

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