SOCHI SCENE: Ring story

SOCHI, Russia (AP) — No, the different-colored Olympic rings don't correspond to specific continents.

But you'd be forgiven for thinking differently if you're going to or from Sochi's airport. Five enormous concrete sculptures of the rings welcome visitors, each labeled in bold letters, in Russian and English, with the name of a continent: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Americas.

Trouble is, that's wrong. International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams says "the rings are not assigned to each continent," despite popular legend. "I don't know how that happened, but I don't think it's a major issue."

Olympic historian Philip Barker says an information panel at the 2000 Sydney games similarly misled visitors by attaching continents to specific rings. When Pierre de Coubertin, considered the founder of the modern Olympics, designed the rings a century ago, he chose black, red, yellow, green and blue because every flag in the world bore at least one of those colors, according to the Olympic Museum.

When one of the rings failed to open during the Sochi Olympic opening ceremony last week, some pesky tweeters perpetuated the continent-color myth and a bit of Cold War nostalgia. They noted the missing ring was the red one — mistakenly considered the American ring. Nope.

— By Angela Charlton — Twitter

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