Polls: Greek opposition gains from aide quitting

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Two polls in Greece by the same agency show the main opposition party edging ahead after a top aide to Prime Minister Antonis Samaras was forced to resign.

The polls, published in Sunday newspaper To Vima, show the main opposition SYRIZA party edging ahead of conservative New Democracy after Cabinet Secretary Panayiotis Baltakos resigned Wednesday. The first poll, taken Tuesday and Wednesday, showed New Democracy, the main partner in Greece's governing coalition, leading SYRIZA by over two percent (21.7 to 19.6). The second, taken Thursday, shows SYRIZA ahead, 21.5 to 20.8 percent. Both results are within the error margin of 3.1 percent.

Baltakos resigned after claiming that the prosecution against lawmakers of the extreme right Golden Dawn party was politically motivated. He was videotaped by one of the lawmakers.

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