Former PM Argues Against Scottish Independence

With just two days to go until a referendum on Scotland's independence, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown warned that a "Yes" vote could send...

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    Holy Stitches, Batman! 

    At the premiere of the new Batman prequel 'Gotham' on Fox, Ben McKenzie talks about an accident on the set that resulted in him needing to get stitches... 

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    What Is Paolo Nutini's 'Iron Sky' All About? 

    Singer songwriter Paolo Nutini explains the real meaning behind his politically charged latest single "Iron Sky" and talks about the praise he received... 

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    Bateman and Fey on Fonda and Heat 

    Tina Fey and Jason Bateman reveal how they became a family with Jane Fonda whilst filming their latest release, 'This is Where I Leave You.' (Sept. 

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    'Forever' Mines Immortality for Drama 

    Actor Ioan Gruffudd stars in 'Forever,' playing a medical examiner who is reborn each time he dies. He talks about that predicament and what it's like... 

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    Washington's PSA on Financial Abuse 

    "Scandal" actress Kerry Washington films a public-service announcement for the Allstate Foundation Purple Purse campaign in support of women affected... 

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    ShowBiz Minute: TIFF, Box Office, Beyonce 

    'The Imitation Game' wins the Grolsch People's Choice Award at TIFF; 'No Good Deed' tops the Box Office; Beyonce has an emotional farewell in Paris. (Sept.... 

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    Prince Harry Rocks Out in London 

    Prince Harry was joined by Bryan Adams, Kaiser Chiefs and Foo Fighters at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games in London. 

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    Clinton, Morrison Honor Maya Angelou 

    Hillary Clinton and Toni Morrison were amongst those honoring writer and poet Maya Angelou at a memorial service in Manhattan.