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Superior virus protection / Our powerful anti-virus tools keep your emailing safe. They scan all your emails and file attachments for viruses (and for viruses only) with Symantec's superior scan engine.

Internet Security

Keep data safe

Internet security and peace of mind

Internet security is a top priority to and its users who rely on the superior antivirus software to keep their email safe! Some will know from experience that without taking strong malware protection measures, your emails and computer can be vulnerable to a whole host of electronic problems. Internet security also means protection against phishing and hacking that can also help you to avoid. looks at the big picture when it comes to internet security and keeping you protected!

Internet security and malware

At internet security means having top of the line antivirus software. Malware doesn't stand a chance against the virus scanner, which detects not only viruses, but also Trojan viruses, spyware, and adware. The scanner works on all incoming emails and their attachments but of course your privacy is always respected: your correspondence is being scanned for viruses and viruses only. If a threat to your internet security is detected you will be alerted and given the option of virus removal.

Knowing the threats to internet security

Internet security is also a question of restricting spam and protection against phishing, which also takes seriously. To read about's approach to this kind of protection and its state-of-the-art spam filters click on Spam Filter and Protection. Malware can get into your computer and emails in several ways and being aware of all the threats and what is doing to combat them is the first step towards high level internet security, or in other words, towards peace of mind.

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