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Superior virus protection / Our powerful anti-virus tools keep your emailing safe. They scan all your emails and file attachments for viruses (and for viruses only) with Symantec's superior scan engine.

Malware Protection

Safety is a priority

Malware protection is a priority at

Malware protection is a generic term for targeted protection against wide variety of harmful software, which aims to disrupt the functioning of your computer. Adware, spyware and Trojan viruses are just a few examples of the many ways unscrupulous companies and individuals attempt to gain access to your data. At, malware needn’t be a concern for you. We offer a superior level of malware protection against all forms of malware, using technology to ensure your safety and comfort. Each and every email or attachment you open will be scanned for possible viruses, letting you conduct your business with ease. offers you the latest in antivirus software

Anyone who has had a lack of malware protection knows what a hassle it poses. It not only threatens the security of your email, but also of all documents stored on your computer. You need an email platform that is committed to providing the highest level of security for its customers, and does just that. Our antivirus software is designed to ensure you can conduct all your private and professional business quickly, easily, and most importantly, safely. In this day and age, hackers are quickly developing new, more destructive malware, and at we’re at the cutting edge of virus scan technology and malware protection.

Malware poses no threat to your computer's safety at

Malware and spam protection does not just ensure the safety of information in your email: certain types of malware can seriously threaten the overall functioning of your computer. From running generally slower to a complete crash of your computer, malware is not only a nuisance, but also a serious threat to the security of all your personal information. is proud to offer the latest in malware protection for all users of its mail domains. All accounts are protected by its scanning software, including its trusted malware protection.

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