Superior virus protection / Our powerful anti-virus tools keep your emailing safe. They scan all your emails and file attachments for viruses (and for viruses only) with Symantec's superior scan engine.


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Superior anti virus software's superior anti virus software keeps out all kinds of malware, including Trojan viruses, spyware and adware, to keep you, your emails and your computer safe. Our virus scan keeps a vigilant watch over what comes into your inbox and can conduct immediate virus removal if it finds any harmful elements.'s anti virus software works continuously to maintain a high level of Internet security so that you don't have to worry about what else (besides email) is making its way into your inbox.

What does our anti virus software protect against?

At our anti virus software works to keep you safe even when malware is the last thing on your mind. What the malware protection software does is simple: the virus scanner scans emails for all types of malware. Malware can mean a virus, or it can mean a Trojan (a virus hidden inside something that looks harmless), spyware (privacy invading software), or adware (the infamous pop-up culprit.)

How does our anti virus software protect you?'s anti virus software scans each email and all attachments you receive and uses a variety of methods to determine if the contents are safe for you to open. If any problem arises the software will quarantine the email and notify you of the threat. The anti virus software scans your emails for viruses- nothing more. Privacy is important at, which is part of the reason that a high level of Internet security is so important! knows that less time spent dealing with electronic pests makes emailing a much more pleasant experience, with our anti virus software viruses are a thing of the past!

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