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Trojan horses and internet security

The online world can present a lot of dangers to your computer; if you don't take measures to protect your internet security your computer could be vulnerable to getting a Trojan with your emails. helps you keep one step ahead of the aggravating and sometimes devastating (to your computer at least) electronic pests. keeps you safe from lurking Trojan horses, one of the most intrusive kinds of malware.

What does a trojan do?

Like the historical Trojan horse, the internet version comes in the form of innocent seeming software, often claiming to protect against malware, but in reality the program installs viruses spyware or adware onto your computer. A Trojan, while unable to replicate like a virus, can be a dangerous thing to have enter your computer as it can allow a person unknown to you - a hacker - to gain access to networks you work on, view your screen, log your keystrokes, download or upload things, delete parts of your files or install further malware without your knowing.

How to protect against trojan horses

While getting a Trojan sounds scary there are steps that can be taken to prevent them from infiltrating your computer. This is why uses a superior virus scanner and spam filters as a part of its malware protection strategy. The virus scanner scans your emails and their attachments to make sure that if a Trojan is lurking it will be identified and removed before it enters your computer. It is also important for you to understand the risk and be careful about opening or installing software that you are not confident is a legitimate program. Trojan horses can be avoided- history doesn't have to repeat itself!

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