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Superior virus protection / Our powerful anti-virus tools keep your emailing safe. They scan all your emails and file attachments for viruses (and for viruses only) with Symantec's superior scan engine.

Virus Scan

Free virus scanner

The need for a virus scan

A virus scan detects viruses that are able to infect your computer with devastating results. Without powerful antivirus software your computer is left vulnerable and susceptible to infection. Without protection your computer may be rendered slow by the presence of a virus or completely destroyed by the deletion of all of your important files. By installing anti virus protection, a virus scanner searches your system to detect the presence of a virus within applications, such as email.'s virus scanner checks for traces of viruses, malware or spyware and any other potential threat to your computer. The contents of your files will only be scanned for harmful items, instating safety whilst ensuring personal privacy.

Virus scan - Securing your computer

All online connections are sensitive to the potential dangers present on the internet. This means that not only your personal/ work computer but also your mobile device / Smartphone could also be, through the continued usage of the internet, open to the risk of acquiring a virus. It is therefore vital to the security of your computer to install and run a virus scan. As the basis of anti virus protection, a virus scan will run through the system files and hard drive of your device. Should the virus scan detect any form of a virus (including malware or spyware) you will be notified and so, your first step towards a secure connection is complete.

Virus scan - Steps to a safer connection's superior scan engine, sets out to provide your computer with essential security. Modern viruses have built up their own mechanisms to elude simple safety measures and may attach themselves to any mail file and can result in data loss. Therefore, the only reliable method of detection and removal is a powerful virus scan as provided by By installing anti virus software and running a virus scan you are administering constant protection for your device. You will benefit from the safety your virus scan gives you whilst continuing your daily email tasks.

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