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We offer a variety of email domains. Get your individual email address by choosing from our many business and topic related email domains. Show your friends and business partners what you do or where you’re from. Make a statement.

Same Name Different Addresses

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Same name - different addresses lets you express yourself

The same name – different addresses feature of’s webmail service is perfect for those who wish to convey different aspects of their life through their email addresses. You can tell the world about your profession, your personal interests or your geographical location by choosing from the over 200 available mail Domains at Same name - different addresses allows you to keep your business and personal correspondence separate, but offering you the convenience of managing it all from one handy site. Visit to peruse the wide variety of available email addresses.

Domain names: put your best foot forward

You can use the same name - different addresses feature at to serve a wide variety of needs in your life. If you want to keep your personal, private life and business separate, select and distribute your different email addresses to the contacts that need them. At, there are a number of ways to manage and organize separate accounts. You can use the mail collector feature to keep all your different accounts in one place. The same name – different addresses feature is ideal for those who value privacy and control.

Mail Domains are a great way to showcase your strengths

Selecting an email address or addresses from our 200 available domain names means you can craft an image you wish to present to the world. You can also use the same name – different addresses feature of’s webmail service to reflect different facets of your life. For example, you could create an email address for your professional contact, like and a private address of to indicate your location and communicate with friends in the area. This is the advantage of the same name – different addresses feature at

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