Over 90% less spam mail / We employ 7 sophisticated anti spam tools to filter junk mails before flooding your mailbox. You can also create your own spam filter by blacklisting senders manually and keep your mailbox spam free.

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Unfortunately, junkmail - and thus the junkmail filter - has become a part of everyone's Webmail experience in the last few years. While there is no way to prevent receiving all manner of emails sent en masse to hundreds or even thousands of email addresses at a time, we can prevent being bothered by these unnecessary emails. With the spam detection offered by mail.com, you can avoid needing to wade through emails sent to you as part of a mass mailing, or simply sent to you indirectly. Using a junkmail filter can cut down greatly on the advertising and simply unimportant email you might receive.

Junkmail filter from mail.com saves you time.

Using a junkmail filter can also save you lots of time, not to mention frustration. In an age where one rogue email might contain a virus, spam protection is more important than ever. Viruses that may have simply been annoying a few years ago can be downright dangerous today, putting your hardware, software, and most personal information in jeopardy. Protect yourself from unnecessary and sometimes even dangerous emails with junkmail filter, a standard feature on every mail.com account.

mail.com's junkmail filter

With mail.com's junkmail filter, you'll be protecting not only your personal information, but your professional information as well. Sync all your email addresses with the mail collector - both personal and professional - into one mail.com account, and enable access worldwide, from any device. As a result of this feature, anti spam protection is even more important than ever, especially with regard to sensitive professional information. Protect yourself with the junkmail filter from mail.com.

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