Unlimited email storage / We give you unlimited space to store your emails. You won't have to worry about archiving your emails on a computer again. You can keep all your messages in your mail.com account.

Unlimited Storage

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Unlimited storage - Unlimited email storage

Having unlimited storage in the real world would make life so much easier... mail.com gets this and has designed its webmail client to deliver unlimited storage in its webmail client! Imagine never loosing an email ever again: its possible with mail.com's mail archive, which uses online storage space to keep all your emails in one place. All your emails and your email history at your fingertips for any and every referencing occasion!

Its never too late with unlimited storage

With mail.com's mail archive your emails aren't just stored but they are easy to find again. Search by date, subject, sender or content – and never fear, its all there! That’s the benefit of unlimited storage! With other webmail providers you can only be sure that your emails will stay in your account for a certain amount of time and/or until your account reaches a certain storage size. It never fails that the day you need to find that recipe, address, or invitation, it turns out that you are just one day, or one megabyte too late; luckily with unlimited storage its never too late.

Safe and sound with unlimited storage

It’s not only email security that unlimited storage provides but also a way to organize your files, photos and work documents in a place where you can access them at any time from anywhere. Forget about USB devices, they can break or get lost! You can use your mail.com account's unlimited storage feature to keep important files on hand wherever you might need them. Just email them to yourself and then access them again from any web browser anywhere in the world! mail.com gives you unlimited storage, now its up to you to get creative in using all that space! Now if only the real world had unlimited storage...

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