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Avoid data loss with mail.com

Avoid data loss with mail.com's Unlimited Email Storage. With mail.com you don't have to worry about losing emails or their attachments ever again, which means a lot less hassle and worry! Online email storage lets you change your email organization strategy from eliminating all but the strictly necessary, to keeping whatever you might want or need to remember someday! Having the a little (lot) more space lets you avoid data loss, which makes managing your inbox much simpler!

Cloud storage and data loss

To help avoid data loss, mail.com offers its users an extra degree of email security with cloud storage. Cloud storage equals unlimited email storage, which means you don't have to worry anymore about how to avoid data loss. Cloud storage is a way to store your emails on a virtual server, which increases how much space mail.com can offer. Online email storage lets you organize, save and delete your emails based on how important they are to you, not on how much space you have left in your inbox.

No more archiving to avoid data loss

The effect of the extra storage space is that you won't have to work with a mail archive on your computer anymore. Using a mail archive can actually be a big threat to your email security because things stored on your hard-drive or external device can get lost more easily or the device may break. To avoid data loss of this kind, simply keep all of your emails, attachments and even important documents or files online at mail.com. At mail.com keeping things simple and convenient is a big priority and we know that a good strategy to avoid data loss helps do just that!

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