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Cloud storage and mail.com

Cloud storage is how mail.com can offer its users Unlimited Storage, a feature that lets you relax about your email security and data loss. Cloud storage means that you can keep as many emails stored in your online account as you want. This means never having to archive your emails again! Everything you send and have sent is at your finger tips at mail.com -- from now until forever. Cloud storage is convenient and a big relief for those used to searching through a mail archive to find an old email!

Cloud storage means unlimited email storage

mail.com uses cloud storage to give you unlimited online storage for all you emails. Cloud storage means that your emails are kept safe on a virtual server or even across multiple virtual servers. You are connected to these servers via the Internet and mail.com and as soon as you need to access an email, new or old, it will get pulled out of the cloud storage server. The cloud is always there for you and mail.com simply adds cloud storage space as you need it. If you need more and more space, don't feel guilty, that is what the cloud is there for!

Cloud storage means not thinking twice about saving an email

The benefit of cloud storage for you is that from now on you won't ever have to think twice about saving an email or attachment, just keep it on the cloud. This lets you totally avoid the data loss that many people encounter when they rely on a mail archive on their computer or external storage device and something goes wrong or gets broken. Cloud storage is one of mail.com's ways of making your emailing, scheduling and email security needs a little simpler.

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