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These days, it is absolutely crucial to ensure your own email security. What might have been a fleeting thought ten years ago is now an absolute necessity: that your email correspondence remains safe, secure, and above all - private. Whether professional, personal, financial, or legal, your email correspondence can contain some of your most sensitive information. Avoid data loss - or worse - with email security from mail.com.

Email security - saving files with mail.com

How often have you lost a file because of a hardware problem? Even though computers are highly advanced and usually backed up in some form, losing a file you need can be extremely inconvenient. With email security from mail.com, you can use File Storage in your mail archive, and never lose your most important files again. Email security with mail.com - the place where you can always find the email you're looking for with the files you need.

mail.com's email security - cloud storage

In the last few years, email has become increasingly important in the way that we communicate - professionally, it has become the standard way to solve problems and set appointments both within a business and with external partners and clients this can be coordinated with mail.com’s Online Calendar. Personally, we now send emails where we might have written a letter by hand before. As a result, email security is paramount to the privacy and safety of our most important information - we need to back up our most important correspondence. With mail.com's cloud storage, you can be sure that your most important communication is safe and sound. Email security from mail.com - ensuring your privacy and safety.

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