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File storage and mail.com

mail.com offers 2 GB File Storage so you can keep important information safe within your email account. Whether you want to protect copies of important work or personal documents or you just want to be sure that both emails and their attachments aren't going anywhere, mail.com can give you peace of mind about file storage. With our offer of 2 GB you will never have to worry about data loss again!

File storage helps increase your email security

For most people file storage ends up being a big headache that can cost you time and money and in the worst cases, your data. The digital age means that the average person accumulates a lot of data, the most important of which needs to be safely stored somewhere. It also means that the average person has to pay close attention to where and how their data is stored to avoid data loss. Moreover you can keep all your emails within your email account. Since emails are an important source of communication, effective email storage is critical to maintaining a high level of email security.

File storage at mail.com means no more archive!

mail.com's file storage for up to 2 GB and an unlimited email storage gives its users peace of mind, knowing that their emails and attachments are safe in one place. The best part about having unlimited email storage is that there is no extra hassle or costly software or external devices- just your mail.com account and all of your data. You can now say goodbye to the days when you had to save all your emails to a Mail Archive that took up space on your computer: with mail.com's file storage and unlimited email storage you have all the web space you need!

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