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Mail archive with mail.com - Save all your important information.

With mail archive from mail.com, you'll never lose an important email again. mail.com's Unlimited Storage means you can save every single email that you ever receive without worrying about losing anything or using space on your hard drive to archive your important correspondence. After syncing your various email accounts to mail.com, you can be sure to always have access to professional and personal communication alike for as far back as your email correspondence goes. Mail archive from mail.com - protecting all your most important information.

File storage with mail.com mail archive

With mail.com's mail archive you're sure to never lose your important files. Misplacing or deleting a file is extremely inconvenient, as is forgetting to bring a CD, DVD, or USB thumb drive. With mail.com's unlimited file storage, you'll never need to worry about this again. Simply email the file to yourself in mail.com, and you'll have full access to it from any computer at any time with the webmail service. Mail archive with mail.com - never forget your most important documents, and never let them disappear from your archive.

Avoid data loss with mail.com's mail archive

Though the computer industry has made gigantic advances in recent years, the fact remains that at some point your hard drive may still fail. Losing a portion of your data is frustrating, but losing your entire collection of documents can be downright dangerous. With mail archive from mail.com, you can rest assured that your most important correspondence and information is safe and sound. Avoid data loss with mail archive from mail.com.

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