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Email newsletters for a green planet

Nowadays, online newsletters are a great way to keep yourself informed about a wide variety of topics and interests. Earlier, large mass mailings were sent by post to a mailing list in order to inform people of interesting news and update. But now, in an effort to maintain a level of global consciousness, many businesses, groups and individuals send out email newsletters to inform interested parties of new developments. Since many newsletters are sent to mass mailing list, they can be easily lost in spam filters. At, you won’t have to worry about that. Just adjust your spam filters to allow your favorite newsletters in to your inbox. You can even set up a special folder for them, so you can browse them at your leisure.

Create a mailing list and send your newsletters efficiently

Whether you are the creator or the recipient of newsletters, the webmail provider is a great way to collect and distribute information. Since also features html emails, you can customize the appearance of your newsletter to suit your own personal taste and style. After that, simply create a mailing list for your newsletters and impress your contacts with your organization and attention to details.

Get every newsletter you want

To ensure that you receive all the newsletters that you subscribe to, simply adjust your spam filter settings to accept your preferred newsletters. Go green and take advantage of all the benefits that’s services can provide you and your newsletters.

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