Marina Berlusconi denies she will enter politcis

MILAN (AP) — Silvio Berlusconi's eldest daughter says she is not getting into politics, denying speculation that she might be tapped as his political heiress.

Marina Berlusconi, 47, issued a statement Monday, denying "in the most forceful way" any intention of entering politics. She said her "past, present and future" are at the Mediaset empire founded by her father.

The nation has buzzed with speculation over her presumed political ambitions ever since the supreme court in August confirmed the three-time former premier's tax fraud conviction, jail sentence and ban from political office. High-profile Berlusconi loyalists joined the campaign to draft her.

Berlusconi, 77, faces the loss of his Senate seat due to the conviction, although the political ban does not prevent him from leading a political party. He relaunched Forza Italia last week.

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