Toronto council strips mayor of most powers

TORONTO (AP) — After a tempestuous debate, Toronto's City Council has stripped Mayor Rob Ford of the last of his substantive powers because of multiple scandals, but further turmoil seems inevitable.

The mayor, defiant despite admissions of illegal drug use and heavy drinking, is vowing "outright war" to take on his critics in next year's election. Just before a series of votes went against him on Monday, Ford accused his opponents of staging "a coup d'etat."

The council session was one of the stormiest in memory as the burly mayor argued with members of the public and at one point knocked down a petite councilwoman as he charged at one of the hecklers. Cries of "Shame, shame" came from the gallery.

The council voted overwhelmingly in favor of slashing Ford's office budget by 60 percent.

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