Lack of snow leaves Kosovo with a drought

BATLAVA, Kosovo (AP) — In 2013, winter brought heavy rains and flooding to Kosovo. The year before that, it was blizzards and snow drifts. Now it's a drought.

An official said Wednesday that some 400,000 people in and around Pristina, the capital, could face reduced supplies of drinking water, given a dramatic fall in the levels of the two artificial basins they get it from.

Arieta Mjeku, a spokeswoman for the regional water supply company, said strict reductions must be imposed if the winter drought continues. Mjeku said some areas are already on limited water supply. Mid-January could bring much needed snow, but the receding waters in the two lakes have exposed large sections of cracked, dry earth.

Kosovo, a territory of 1.8 million people, seceded from Serbia in 2008.

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