Shooting erupts at South Africa street protest

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — South African police say some people were injured when shooting broke out during a protest near Cullinan, a town known for diamond mining.

The South African Press Association reported that occupants of a vehicle trying to leave the area shot at protesters Wednesday. It quotes police Capt. Marissa van der Merwe as saying she does not know how many people were shot. One man with a firearm is under arrest.

The agency says demonstrators in Refilwe, a township near Cullinan, began rioting Tuesday in anger over an assault on a 10-year-child who later died. Protesters reportedly targeted foreign-owned shops and barricaded roads. Immigrants have sometimes been targeted in civil unrest in South Africa.

Cullinan is east of Pretoria, the capital. It has yielded some of the world's most famous diamonds.

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