NFL Draft: Clowney, QBs and the long wait

NEW YORK (AP) — Jadeveon Clowney just wants it to be over already.

The NFL's first May draft means a couple of more weeks to critique the prospects — such as Clowney — and figure out who is going where and when. No player has been more scrutinized than Clowney, the defensive end from South Carolina, whose every move has been analyzed since the end of his sophomore season.

Clowney said Wednesday at an NFL event: "I'm ready for it to be over. I wish the draft was two or three weeks ago." The Houston Texans have the first pick and Clowney could be their guy. Or maybe they'll take a quarterback, such as Johnny Manziel. Or maybe they'll trade the pick.

This finally gets sorted out Thursday night at Radio City Music Hall.

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