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Associated Press Sports Story of the Year

2013 — Boston Marathon bombing

2012 — Penn State child sex abuse scandal 2011 — Penn State child sex abuse scandal 2010 — Tiger Woods infidelity scandal, loses No. 1 rank 2009 — Baseball steroids 2008 — Michael Phelps wins 8 Olympic gold medals

2007 — Bonds breaks HR record and is later indicted for perjury about drug use 2006 — Tiger Woods wins two majors, six straight tournaments after father dies 2005 — White Sox win World Series 2004 — Red Sox win World Series

2003 — Kobe Bryant charged with sexual assault 2002 — New England Patriots win Super Bowl 2001 — Dale Earnhardt dies at Daytona 500 2000 — Tiger Woods wins 3 Grand Slam events 1999 — U.S. Women's World Cup

1998 — Mark McGwire breaks Maris' HR record 1997 — Tiger Woods win Masters 1996 — Michael Johnson wins 200-400 at Olympics 1995 — Cal Ripken's consecutive games streak 1994 — World Series canceled 1993 — Michael Jordan retires

1992 — Mike Tyson convicted 1991 — Magic Johnson HIV positive 1990 — Buster Douglas beats Mike Tyson

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