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Who we are is one of the top 5 “free email portals” in the USA.

Who we are

Purchased in 2010 by the German United Internet Group, Europe's leading internet specialist and one of the world's largest web hosting provider (active in the US since 2003 under the brand 1&1) is part of a strong family of outstanding portal brands such as the German email market leaders WEB.DE and GMX, currently running more than 30 million ad-financed free mail accounts. Recently got awarded with the Readers Choice Winner 2012 price.

Supported by the GMX webmail system, which is known for reliability and has received many awards, the popular and brands provide dependable and secure email communication services for millions of users who rely and trust the company for their private email communication. is a 100% subsidiary of United Internet Group and is located in Chesterbrook, PA. Read more about the United Internet Group at

Traffic Overview has an active user base of more than 3 mill. of which more than half are located in the US.

Traffic Data


Page impressions

Unique Users


200 mill.

30 mill.

Homepage & Content

25 mill.

10 mill.

3 mill.

Active Newsletter Subscriber Base of 900 k

Audience Overview’s audience represents the variety of the entire internet population. The communication service portal is popular among all segments and classes of users, but especially with the important target audience aged 18 to 44, accounting for two-thirds (70%) of all users. With a majority of men and a 40% share of users with a monthly household income of more than US$ 60,000, advertisers capture target groups that are crucial in consumption decisions on


  • 60% Male, 40% Female
  • 70% aged 18 - 44
  • 40% with income > $ 60k
  • 62% have a college degree
  • 30% have a master degree
  • 59% have children at a glance

  • More than 3 mill. active Email users
  • More than 400 mill. monthly Page views
  • One of the top 5 free US email portals
  • Readers Choice Winner 2012 Email Service