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Poland's main opposition group launches election campaign

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland's main opposition grouping launched its campaign for October elections Friday with a social program that appears to chime with the generous spending policies that have kept the ruling right-wing party atop opinion polls.

The Civic Coalition's program was presented by deputy parliament speaker, Malgorzata Kidawa-Blonska, who was recently tapped as the pro-European coalition's candidate for prime minister, should it win the Oct. 13 vote.

Under the motto of "Tomorrow Can Be Better" the program promises to keep all the family benefits offered by the current right-wing government, improve health care and education, protect the environment and the elderly and stop political conflicts.

"What has been given to the people will not be taken from them," Kidawa-Blonska said. Polls show that the ruling Law and Justice party, which is criticized by the European Union leaders for eroding judicial independence, is poised to win the elections.

It is widely credited for subsidies it pays to families with children, the booming economy and low jobless rate. Until recently, the main opposition grouping focused on criticizing Law and Justice policies, especially its steps to take political control of the judiciary.

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