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The world of entertainment spans a vast range of different aspects and disciplines, all of which encompass many different tastes and opinions. From film to theater to live music performances,'s daily entertainment news pieces will keep you informed, entertained and enthralled. Keep up to date with all your favorite actors and singers as well as all of their upcoming work.

If you're a fan of the arts or a member of the industry, is a fount of knowledge pertaining to entertainment news. Keep up to date with your favorite pop stars and where to catch their tours, know all about the latest blockbusters coming to the big screen, or find comprehensive reviews about the newest New York Times best seller list. Focusing on a broad spectrum of topics, also provides news and articles for sport, science and technology, and national and international news.

So, no matter if you're looking to score some tickets to an upcoming show or you want to read up on your favorite actress,'s entertainment news articles are the only source you'll ever need. Visit daily on your desktop or, if you happen to be on the road, via your mobile device for the latest in entertainment news. Whether it's a trending story or current affairs,’s entertainment news articles will keep you up-to-date and informed.