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AP PHOTOS: Life after lockdown altered by the coronavirus

Tape marks off distance between worshippers, mannequins serve as placeholders at cafes and robots serve drinks at bars. After months of lockdown, countries around the world are returning to a version of life altered by coronavirus precautions. Restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls and museums are reopening but must follow certain rules as governments ease restriction put in place to help prevent the spread of the virus.

To maintain social distancing at a restaurant in Amsterdam, customers dine in individual glasshouses lining a waterfront. At a shopping mall bathroom in Paraguay, black tape marks off urinals to encourage safe social distancing. Signs prevent close seating at a movie theater in Bangkok.

Many governments started lifting lockdowns as they faced political backlash and historic economic recessions. In just a few months, the pandemic has killed at least 410,000 people worldwide and infected about 7.4 million, according to a tally kept by Johns Hopkins University.

Some experts worry that a surge of the coronavirus in underdeveloped regions with shaky health systems could undermine efforts to halt the pandemic.

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