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German man goes on trial over killing of 6 family members

BERLIN (AP) — A 27-year-old German man went on trial Monday over the killing of six members of his family earlier this year, telling a court that he was motivated by hatred for his mother. Prosecutors accuse the defendant, identified by German media only as Adrian S. due to privacy restrictions, of firing 30 shots during a family gathering in the southwestern town of Rot am See, killing his parents, half-siblings, uncle and aunt. Two other people were seriously wounded in the shooting.

German news agency dpa reported that S. told the regional court in Ellwangen he had wanted to take revenge on his mother. He claimed she had abused him and tried to poison him with female hormones. The defendant told the court that he had carefully planned the shooting, including by joining a gun club in order to legally acquire a firearm, but later regretted his actions, dpa reported.

Prosecutors have said the defendant may have been mentally ill. A verdict is expected in July.

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