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Iraq parliament votes to sack official after ferry sinking

BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraq's parliament voted on Sunday to sack a provincial official following the tragic sinking of a ferry in the Tigris River that killed nearly 100 people, the house's deputy speaker said.

Hassan al-Kaabi told The Associated Press that the majority of the house's 329 members voted to sack the governor of Nineveh province and his two deputies. Over 270 lawmakers attended Sunday's session.

Angry residents of Mosul have protested against Nofal al-Akoub, demanding his firing. The ferry loaded with holidaymakers celebrating the Kurdish and Persian new year, sank on Thursday. Police official Mazen Abdullah said 97 were killed and 67 remain missing. Abdullah said 55 were rescued.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi ordered an investigation into the incident, which residents blamed on corruption and lack of rescue means. He also called for the governor's sacking. Abdul-Mahdi also appointed a new crisis council, headed by a university professor, to administer the province until a new governor is named.

A special investigation team, which includes judges and prosecutors, was set up to determine why the ferry sank.

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