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Daily Science & Technology News from BGR

The science and technology arena is constantly on the move, be it an updated version of a smartphone or a brand new app taking the world by storm. As technology evolves from one day to the next, keeping abreast of the latest gadgets and gizmos is no mean feat. Luckily, is on hand to bring you all the latest developments as and when they unfold, with our daily science and technology news. BGR covers all the freshest product releases across gaming, smartphones, wearables and more, making it easy to keep ahead of the curve.

For an online news feed that moves just as quickly as the tech world itself, is your first port of call. Perhaps you’re in the market for a brand new tablet, or you just want to know if the latest app really lives up to the hype; whatever it is you’re looking for, you will no doubt find it in one of our science and technology news articles by BGR. We bring you reviews, roundups, announcements and comparisons, giving you comprehensive insight into the fascinating world of tech.

Nothing shapes our daily lives quite like technology, be it the gadgets we use for everyday communication or the apps we download to monitor our health. Our science and technology news from BGR leaves no stone unturned, from PC gaming and wearables to the latest announcements from the biggest names in tech. Visit from your desktop or smartphone and find out what’s cutting edge right now.