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Virus Scan

Free virus scanner

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These days, malicious software takes many forms and attacks systems in a variety of ways. That’s why routine checks are recommended. When it comes to threats hidden in emails,’s smart virus scan constantly keeps an eye on your inbox, and alerts you instantly to any risk.

What is a virus scan

A virus scan is a process performed by your antivirus software in order to identify and subsequently eradicate viruses and other malicious software from your computer or device.

  • When implemented on a regular basis, a virus scan helps to keep your machine free of the potentially destructive elements your computer may be exposed to during its usage.
  • In fact, any machine connected to the Internet should factor-in routine virus scans in order to ensure the continued security of your data.
  • Virus scanning is particularly important when it comes to email, since it is very susceptible to external threats.

Thankfully, brings you a number of security solutions to ensure your safety when online.

Symptoms of a virus infection

Usually a virus scan is taken care of either automatically or manually by an antivirus software package installed on your computer, however, online virus scans can also be performed with varying degrees of accuracy and success. Once the scan is complete and potential threats are detected, each will be detailed and a resolution to the particular threat can be selected. Running a virus scan is also important if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Pop-up ads
  • Slow system
  • Computer crashes
  • Slow internet connection
  • Missing files or applications
  • Disabled antivirus or firewall

Please bear in mind that these are just a few of the symptoms associated with viruses, and any strange behavior from your computer or device warrants a new virus scan.

Online virus scan from

Our superior virus scanner provides your computer with essential security features that give you the peace of mind to work without interruption. Modern viruses have built up their own mechanisms to elude simple safety measures and may attach themselves to a range of files and downloads, including email.

This means that any computer or device that is connected to the internet, or that uses other media such as USB drives or CD ROM to install software and access files, is vulnerable to the many and varied potential threats currently in circulation.

Our antivirus solution

Thankfully,’s antivirus and security solutions provide you with everything you need to stay safe. Our virus scan and protection features can be activated by simply checking a box within your account.

  • We will then automatically run an automatic online virus scan that monitors your incoming and outgoing email.
  • Additionally, our innovative antispam tool bring you powerful protection from annoying junk mail, whilst the ability to add trusted email addresses to your Whitelist and untrusted to your Blacklist brings further protection – giving you direct control over the email you receive.
  • Finally, a simple check box within your email account gives you the option of deactivating the display of external content, such as images, within your email.

Ensure your email is always secure with’s online virus scanner – the simplest and most effective way to enjoy online peace of mind.

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