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50 MB for your attachments / With, you can send attachments of up to 50 MB. Share your own music or your latest vacation pictures in just one email. Weitere Unterseiten: e-mail attachment, file compression, zip-files, file converter, zipped files, attachment limit

E-Mail Attachment

Great possibilities

Email attachments as large as you need

The email attachment has become an essential part of daily life, from business related documents such as contracts or invoices to personal documents such as family photos or videos from your last vacation with friends. Too often Webmail service providers have an attachment limit that limits the possible size of your email attachment; with, that Attachment limit – set at 50 MB - will never get in the way when you want to send larger files to co-workers, family or friends.

More space simplifies your email attachment

Because many email service providers limit the size of an email attachment, it is sometimes necessary to use a file converter to convert several files into zip-files that are small enough to be within the attachment limit. These zipped files are then included as an email attachment when you send your email, and the receiver can unzip the file once it has been downloaded to his or her computer or mobile device. However, the file compression process is unnecessary at

Limitless options with email attachments

The 50 MB Attachment limit means your e-mail attachment can be pretty large. You can include entire an entire presentation for your work colleagues or songs from your new album to your fellow band mates and store them online due to Unlimited Storage. In short, the 50 MB limit gives you almost endless possibilities in terms of what you can send. What’s more, the limit allows you to zip large video projects or similarly large files together for the sake of convenience and to send the files as an email attachment rather than needing to go through the process of uploading it to an internal server.

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