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Large Email Attachment

Send big files with

With, you have access to a 50 MB email attachment limit, as opposed to the 15 or 20 MB of attachment space available from most email providers. Naturally, this gives you a lot more freedom to send larger email attachments hassle-free. Try the difference today!

More capacity: 50 MB email attachment limit

We could all use a little extra space in which to send email attachments and files. From work presentations or contracts, to personal videos and photos, we have so many reasons to send email attachments in our day-to-day lives - and naturally we want that to be as easy and intuitive as possible. However, most webmail providers offer email services with a low set limit of attachment space, hindering your ability to send email attachments easily and exactly as you please.

Sending larger email attachments often requires one of two solutions:

1. Sending multiple emails in order to supply all of the necessary attachments to a recipient. However, there are certain occasions when keeping all of the necessary files together in one email makes a lot more sense; for example, when it comes to files for a presentation or songs within an album. Being able to keep all of the attachments together in one email helps to keep things manageable and organised.

2. Resizing everything through zip-file compression in an effort to make it fit. In order to send larger files such as videos or photos, with most providers you will have to first compress the files into smaller zip-files to fit within the email attachment size limit. This is often a time consuming process for both sender and recipient, as the recipient will then have to unzip the files in order to access the content - all of which slows down your email correspondence.

At, we understand your wish to keep your email communications as effortless as possible, and being able to email files without a stringent email attachment limit plays a big part in keeping things efficient. In fact, the generous 50 MB attachment limit from helps you to streamline your communications in a number of ways and, even though accounts attachment sizes are capped, our higher email attachment limit gives you the freedom that you desire. Discover how can help you enjoy easier communications today with our extra-large email attachment limits.

De-stress with less need to compress

All of that extra space for email attachments means less need to compress your email content. However, although the 50 MB email attachment limit makes file compression an unnecessary step, at we also understand that sometimes file compression is about more than just meeting an attachment limit. In fact, file compression can be useful for many personal and professional applications.

File compression may still be desirable for:

  • Sending larger compressed files as email attachments with even more information than was previously possible.
  • Keeping multiple documents and files together in order to keep them complete and organised, for example a particular presentation or project where files spread out over multiple emails could lead to confusion.
  • Sending digital media content - videos, photos, music - that would otherwise have to be accessed through private cloud storage. Cloud storage requires shared access and sign-in information, all of which must be delicately managed. Being able to send this type of content as email attachments opens up many doors for file sharing.

That’s why, even though you don’t need to compress files when sending email attachments with, the option to compress is nevertheless available - and incredibly easy. The email service from is ultimately designed to help you meet all of your email needs, whatever they may be. And one major way that achieves this is by allowing you to manage and send email content in whatever format suits you best.

Limitless options with email from

As if our large email attachment limit wasn’t enough, email accounts also include a lot of space for your emails in order for you to archive important emails and stay organized. Gone are the days of having to back up your emails to a server in order to ensure that they don’t get deleted or clutter up your inbox. In the spirit of keeping things as functional and efficient as possible, email accounts all come with unlimited email storage along with the 50 MB email attachment limit. Experience the freedom of more space with and streamline your communications like never before!

Other features of email services

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Includes an online calendar
  • Comprehensive email archiving
  • Mail Collector Service for multiple email addresses
  • Unlimited email storage
  • Spam filter and antivirus
  • Helpful customer support

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