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50 MB for your attachments / With, you can send attachments of up to 50 MB. Share your own music or your latest vacation pictures in just one email. Weitere Unterseiten: e-mail attachment, file compression, zip-files, file converter, zipped files, attachment limit

File Converter

Send big files now

File conversion? Not with these attachment limits!

In the past, a file converter was a mandatory tool for anyone trying to send files that were inevitably too big to comply with the attachment limit put in place by the email service provider., however, provides you with a 50 MB e-mail Attachment limit, which gives you more freedom to send files without the need for file compression. In fact, with such a large limit, you can stop using your file converter to create zipped files and start simply sending everything in one e-mail!

Forget using your file converter to make sending files easier

The limits on the size of files that can be attached to emails has necessitated the use of a file converter and in some cases multiple emails, a burdensome task that takes too much time from other activities, such as writing other emails to business contacts or discussing private information with your family. Other times it is necessary to use a file converter to convert a file to a format that is smaller and easier to send via email. This need is a thing of the past thanks to’s 50 MB Attachment limit.

Combine the power of your file converter with the capacity of your e-mail

However, if you work with audio or video files and photographs, you can get more use out of your file converter by coupling it with the large email capacity you get with Now, you can compress several songs from your band’s new album, for example, and send the compressed file in a single email—you no longer have to send several emails and worry about which emails arrived and which ones didn’t. Use your file converter to take advantage of’s attachment limit and send your photo albums and videos from your last vacation to all your friends in just one e-mail!

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