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50 MB for your attachments / With, you can send attachments of up to 50 MB. Share your own music or your latest vacation pictures in just one email. Weitere Unterseiten: e-mail attachment, file compression, zip-files, file converter, zipped files, attachment limit

Zip Files

Simple files sharing

A zip-file is no longer a must

Zip-files have been a necessary part of correspondence since the email attachment became the primary method of sending important documents to co-workers, colleagues and friends. Part of the reason that zip-files are necessary is because the attachment limit set by many email service providers is too small to allow you to send many files in one email without first converting them to zipped files. However, with’s 50 MB Attachment limit, the need to use zip-files is now just a choice.

Make due without zip-files allows you to attach files up to 50 MB, which gives you a lot of room to work with in just a single email. For many people, the need to send zip-files was a solution to sending several emails to avoid the confusion that ensues when multiple emails are involved. Rather than taking the extra time to compress files into smaller zip-files, now you can simply attached individual files in a single email, send the email, and move on to the next important thing on your calendar. It’s as easy as that.

Take advantage of the full potential of your zip-file

However, where zip-files are unnecessary for the day-to-day emails involving smaller documents or presentations, they become a useful tool when coupled with the’s 50 MB Attachment limit. For example, you can send your band’s entire album as a compressed file and in a single email without having to worry about exceeding your attachment limit. You can also send a series of presentations or videos to colleagues in the office so that they can easily find and organize the files on their computer. With 50 MB for attachments, there is a lot you can do with zip-files at

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