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50 MB for your attachments / With, you can send attachments of up to 50 MB. Share your own music or your latest vacation pictures in just one email. Weitere Unterseiten: e-mail attachment, file compression, zip-files, file converter, zipped files, attachment limit

Zipped Files

No need to zip files

Zipped files were necessary - But not any more

Often times when you think about an e-mail attachment, you think about zipped files. This is because the attachment limit set my many email service providers precludes sending large files that have not been converted into zip-files with a file converter. However, at your attachments can be up to 50 MB, giving you much more room to play with when sending files in the office or to friends and family in your personal time.

Send documents in one email instead of a zipped file

Zipped files keep us from having to send multiple emails if the attachment limit is too low to include everything in one email. But the conversion process takes time that could be better spent doing more important things at work or at home. With an Attachment limit of 50 MB, you can simply attach all your documents in one email and send it. The receiver will get one email with all the documents and also won’t have to take the time to open zipped files.

Zipped files: a handy tool for people who think big

However, while zipped files aren’t necessary in day-to-day correspondence such as invoices, short documents or presentations, they become a useful tool when you want to send audio and video files or photographs. With 50 MB, you can compress your band’s new album and send it in a single email. Or, you can compress large video projects and send them to your colleagues, helping to keep them organized on their end as well. Used in tandem with the 50 MB Attachment limit offered by, zipped files become a powerful tool for those who have never been able to send such large files in one email before.

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