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Green and blue color palette with all kinds of shades

Mail Design Themes

Design color schemes for your inbox

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Find out how to design mail themes for your inbox, so you can enjoy a fresh and personalized mailbox experience every day. offers you the option to select and adapt pre-set color scheme designs at any time you want, each bringing a unique look and feel to your email inbox. Choose a theme that reflects your mood or simply opt for a color that matches your personality; with a customized background, you can really make your mailbox your own.

What are design themes?

Mail design themes operate much in the same way as website themes: they can be used to effectively determine the appearance and style of your whole email platform, including your inbox, file storage, and online calendar areas. Each theme is comprised of a different color scheme design, with patterns and elements that all help to build a specific mood and feel. Bring some creativity to your background and navigation ribbon with the different colorization offered by each of the theme shades.

With the email client, you can choose from six different design color schemes to help personalize your inbox and really make it your own. Whether you use your email mainly for personal or professional purposes, you can ensure that it always looks just the way you want. Control the appearance of your mail environment, selecting the colors and shades you like best so that logging-in is always a great experience.

How to change the design theme for your mailbox

It is always easy and fast to make changes to different aspects of your account, and this is equally true for changing your mail design theme. With an easy layout and intuitive design, both pros and novices alike can adjust the saved settings in just a few clicks. Follow these simple steps to change the color scheme design of your email client within seconds:

1.  Select Home from the top navigation bar of

2.  Click Design on the left-hand menu bar.

3.  Click Design again from the General drop-down menu.

4.  Choose your preferred design and hit the Select button.

5.  Opt to Save and Close.

Changing the design of your iOS app is just as easy and offers you all the same options and more for personalization. Customize your design to match the domain name you created for your brand or personal project.

Design themes for your iOS email app

For customers using the iOS app, there are 11 different designs that you can pick from to personalize your mail to its fullest extent. This means that there will always be a mail design theme to suit your every taste and mood, and plenty of opportunities to switch the display appearance regularly should you wish. What’s more, has set various pictures in place that can also be selected and used to further brighten up your background.

How to set up a new design theme for the iOS app

To make use of these great additional design color schemes, you simply need to follow these easy directions:

1.  On your iOS mobile device, open the app.

2.  Select the left-hand menu.

3.  Click Designs.

4.  Scroll through the designs you find at the bottom of your screen. When you find a design you like, tap on it. A preview should appear of the app featuring the new design.

5.  If you like the new design and want to keep it this way, simply click out of the Designs section and return to your inbox. Otherwise, keep testing out the other themes in preview mode.

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