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Domain Names

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Email domain names are a great way to reflect your personal style, professional interests or simply make a statement. Thankfully, with over 200 domain names to choose from, ensures that you can make a lasting impression on friends, colleagues or clients with a personalized email address.

What is an email domain?

Domain names are simply the words that follow the @ symbol in your email address. While some webmail providers may limit you to using their branded domain names for your address, at you can pick from a wealth of useful email address domains so you can find the perfect address to suit your personal or business interests.

With so many mail domains available, we’re certain that you’ll be able to find one (or maybe more) to reflect who you are as an individual or professional—giving you a tailor made communications solution for a range of applications.

Your email address - your first touchpoint

Nowadays, the first impression we make in both our personal and professional lives is often in the digital realm.

  • This includes various aspects of your digital persona but, perhaps most importantly, your email address acts as a central contact point for friends, family and colleagues.
  • However, finding an email name that reflects both your personal and professional life can be challenging.
  • If you have a common name, often your first choice for an email address may already be taken by another user.

At, our vast selection of email domain names means the number of available email addresses is significantly larger—giving you new and exciting opportunities to create a truly memorable email name. 

Free email domain names from

Our choice of email domains falls into a number of categories to help you find the perfect fit. Our top choices category includes common email domains such as,, and, amongst many others.

  • For professional email addresses aimed at business users, then our jobs section covers everything from to, with popular choices such as and, appealing to the more creative industries.
  • Additionally, our hobbies section includes a variety of names for every conceivable interest or activity. Choose from, and
  • Finally, with other categories including tech, music, USA, world and even spirituality, you can choose from the best email names with domains such as,, and many more.

Browse our comprehensive collection of free email domain names and start building your online image.

Choosing the best email address

At, you can easily find the right fit for your needs from our collection of domain names. This means that you can reflect your personal or professional interests and leave a lasting impression on business associates, friends and family. The sheer number of high-quality domain names also means that it is unlikely that you will have to compromise on your original idea—you can simply combine your choice with a different email domain name. All you need to do is enter your desired domain name and email, and will check the availability instantly.

Additionally, after you have registered, gives you the opportunity to register a total of 10 email address aliases to complement your original choice. This means that you can easily combine a personal domain with a professional address to fulfil all your needs. Accessing all your email from one central location is simple with our Mail Collector feature that allows you to keep on top of all your communications. Discover today—the ideal way to become more efficient in both your private and professional communications.

Additional Features

Additional features included with your email address domain

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Access through your mobile devices
  • Integrated Mail Collector for multiple email addresses
  • Online calendar and address book
  • Spam filter
  • Antivirus
  • Comprehensive Email archiving
  • Up-to 30 MB attachments
  • Helpful customer support

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