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We offer a variety of email domains. Get your individual email address by choosing from our many business and topic related email domains. Show your friends and business partners what you do or where you’re from. Make a statement.

Mail Domains

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As more and more of our communications are conducted online, ensuring that you have an email address that is both unique and memorable is becoming increasingly important. Thankfully, has more than 200 email domains from which to choose - helping you to create a personalized email address for any application.

The importance of mail domains

Both our private and professional lives are increasingly conducted online, which means that many of us have multiple email addresses that help us stay in touch with our friends, family, and colleagues.

  • Here at, we know that a large selection of free email domains helps you to create an email address that is suitable for any application.
  • In fact, makes it simple to set-up and manage multiple email accounts that cover the many and varied aspects of your life—streamlining your communications and helping you to foster better personal and professional relationships.

Selecting mail domains can sometimes prove frustrating. Often, you are restricted to a small number of domain names offered by webmail providers. However, here at, we are happy to provide an intelligent solution to this problem. By combining your chosen email handle with one of many creative and eye-catching domain names, you can create a truly unique free email domain. This ensures that your email address can be tailored to your chosen application—whether personal or professional. 

Domains and email explained

Put simply, mail domains are the words that appear directly after the @ symbol in your email address.

In most cases, they reflect the email provider you have signed up with, and include the branding and the company name. However, here at, we like to do things a little differently and we have more than 200 free email domains to help you create unique and memorable email addresses suitable for any application.

  • Whether you choose to reflect your profession, your passions, or your geographic location, can help.
  • Choose from domains within our jobs category, such as or, in order to give your online image the credence it deserves.
  • Alternatively, emails with domains that tell the world something about your interests and hobbies are the ideal way to communicate with like-minded individuals. Choose from domains such as,, and many more.

Alongside these types of domain, geographically linked domains are also a great way to reach out to people in your area—and the wider world. Choose from domains such as,, and other more far-flung destinations such as,, and In addition to this, you will also find unique domains in our tech, music, and spiritual categories, giving you unprecedented access to emails of truly unique and memorable status.

Your email address is often the first impression you make on new friends, colleagues or customers, and mail domains are the perfect way to make your mark on the world. With the wide number of available email addresses and mail domains at, you can create several accounts to manage your social, professional and family life, accessing them all from one place.

For instance, you can select one of our most popular domain names, such as, or and pair it up with alternative email addresses with different domains.

Many domain names & other advantages

This feature is combined with a host of other professional email features that let you send, receive and manage your email with ease. Up to 65 GB of email storage, mobile access, and our dedicated Mail Collector feature all come as standard.

However, for users looking for even more professional features, our premium accounts also include full telephone support, POP3/IMAP access and are completely ad-free. Discover email domain hosting and so much more with

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