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Nested Folders

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Nested folders with - Keeping you organized

When organizing your email history, nested folders can prove invaluable to finding what you need instantly. When you have organized emails, you save yourself significant amounts of time, which can surely be better spent on more productive things than searching for one specific old email. Organize your email by sender, date, or subject matter, and always find what you're looking for. Nested folders are an important part of this sort and archive process.

Nested folders keep you on track

With, you can sync several email addresses into one 'hub'. This way, you can access all you email no matter where you are. When staying organized and separating personal and professional correspondence, nested folders can help you stay on top of your email archiving. Set automated filters to quickly organize your email without your actively doing anything, and attend to it in order of what's most important. Divide your email by project, by sender, or by date - or more specifically, by all three, with nested folders from

Nested folders add depth to your organization

The advantage to using nested folders is that you can add depth to your organization. This means that you can store folders within folders. So if you have a large project with several smaller aspects, you can create one umbrella folder, and then use smaller folders within that umbrella folder so that you maintain a good overview of the project. Without a doubt, nested folders will keep you on track and help you save time when you need to find important information in your unlimited account.

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