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Order and organize your archived emails/ Create folders and archive all your emails in one place. Our email organizer helps you to find every mail you ever sent or received.

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When organizing your email, being able to sort and archive your correspondence is paramount. Organized emails allow you to find what you're looking for in record time so you don't waste your energy searching for something specific. Avoid frustration and save yourself time by through email archiving with the 'sort and archive' feature from This feature, coupled with all the other exciting aspects of, will help simplify your email experience.

Sort and archive - Keeping work and play separate

Now that you can sort and archive your personal and professional emails, you'll never need to hunt through your email looking for one specific piece of correspondence. Thanks to's Mail Collector, now you can collect all your email in one convenient location, accessible from any device worldwide. By using nested folders to keep track of all this correspondence, you can clearly delineate professional and personal email, sender or project, when the information was sent, or by any other defining feature. Sort and archive your email with, and never lose your important communication again.

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Sort and archive your emails with, and never lose track of your most important emails. Automated filters can help you to sort out things such as regular newsletters you may subscribe to, automated memos, or simple emails that do not require immediate attention. With this specialized feature from, you save yourself valuable time that can easily be used to take care of more important tasks. Streamline your email experience with sort and archive from

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