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Outlook Express

Outlook Express and

For individuals who usually retrieve their email through a mail client such as Eudore, Lotus Notes or Thunderbird, the idea of switching to another mail client can be daunting. That’s why supports Outlook Express, so that you can continue using a familiar mail client while taking advantage of everything offered by

Outlook Express: a familiar face

Outlook Express has long been a friend to those who use a PC at home or at work, in particular machines that run with Microsoft. We at believe there is no need to sacrifice that familiarity just so you can use our services such as spam filters and high attachment limit. Once you’ve set up your account, you can simply add the account to Outlook Express and continue to send and receive emails in the mail client you prefer. and Outlook Express are a great duo.

You can set up your account in Outlook Express as either IMAP or POP3, which means you have even more choice in how your email functions on your computer. If you retrieve your mail via POP3, you can determine how often new mails are retrieved from the server. If you opt for IMAP when setting up your account in Outlook Express, you can rest assured that your emails will appear in Outlook Express the moment they appear on the server and that they will sync with other mobile devices on which you send and receive emails. Regardless of the protocol you choose, and Outlook Express make for a very comfortable way to correspond with colleagues and friends.

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